Location: Khilkhet, Dhaka -1229, Bangladesh

Collections: Underwear

Pantee underwear is cut and sewn in at ISYG in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have been working with ISYG since November 2020, growing our relationship with them over a number of visits by our Head of Product, Karen.

Finding a manufacturing partner who not only shared our values and ethics but was willing to do something a little different - make underwear from deadstock t-shirts - was a great challenge. We had many no’s along the way, but it is true what they say… you only need one yes. 

Our production facility is run by Erdem, owner of a Buying House and Sampling room in Dhaka. Once we came to a dead end with factories due to low minimum order quantities, Erdem kindly offered us his sampling room and team of skilled machinists to help kickstart our business. We co-bought a specialist underwear machine and the rest is history. 

Since day one we have had a great working relationship with Erdem, with strong communication and transparency we feel proud to manufacture in a facility where we can guarantee fair wages, healthy conditions and zero forced or child labor. In fact, Erdem’s team are paid above the average living wage and receive a bi-annual bonus.

Our Head of Product, Karen, has visited our manufacturing team 4 times since we began working with them in late 2020.