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T-shirts: the what & the how

Our t-shirts come to us for a multitude of reasons; over-production, small faults, not meeting sizing specifications… you name it! Our production manager, Parvin sources them from factories in Dhaka, Bangladesh - where they are then are cut and sewn into in Pantee’s.

We have strict criteria for which t-shirts we can re:work, to ensure make the best underwear for you and that they last. For example we look for t-shirts that have good stretch and recovery to ensure our underwear keeps its shape and doesn’t become loose. This requirement means we look for t-shirts that are around 95% cotton 5% elastane. T-shirt weight is just as important; we look for something fairly light so they’re not too thick and bulky and sit comfortably under clothes.

Where do you manufacture?

All our Pantees are cut and sewn in our facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Finding a manufacturing partner who not only shared our values and ethics but was willing to do something a little different - make underwear from surplus t-shirts - was a great challenge. We had many no’s along the way, but it is true what they say… you only need one yes. 

Our production facility is run by Erdem, owner of a Buying House and Sampling room in Dhaka. Once we came to a dead end with factories due to low minimum order quantities, Erdem kindly offered us his sampling room and team of skilled machinists to help kickstart our business. We co-bought a specialist underwear machine and the rest is history. 

Since day one we have had a great working relationship with Erdem, with strong communication and transparency we feel proud to manufacture in a facility where we can guarantee fair wages, healthy conditions and zero forced or child labor. In fact, Erdem’s team are paid above the average living wage and receive a bi-annual bonus.

How are Pantee's packaged?

Our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable, so don’t throw it away! Your order will travel to you in a small, recyclable cardboard box, printed using water based ink, lined with biodegradable tissue paper.

Our swing tags are made from recycled paper, and can also be recycled after use. Each swing tag is attached using string and a tiny safety pin - making our packaging 100% plastic free!

How do Pantees get to us?

Currently, we receive all our samples and product by air. We have made the commitment to offset all carbon emissions emitted during transportation from factory to fulfilment by Q4 2021.