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Our Story

Welcome to Pantee

From the offset, we have always been dedicated to being as transparent as possible. We hope this page answers all your questions, but if there is anything else you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

What’s the deal with the t-shirts?

Our initial idea was to create the worlds first underwear brand made from upcycled t-shirts. We thought this was a fab idea for 3 main reasons.

WATER - Did you know that it takes 2,700 litres of water to grow the cotton required for just one t-shirt? When you consider that over 2-billion t-shirts produced each year globally, it’s is hard to wrap your head around the amount of water that is used.

WASTE - The sad thing is, studies show that roughly 30% of clothes made are never even sold. So all that water goes into creating these clothes, and a huge chunk of them never even get used.

UPCYCLE - Pantee was born out of a want to put these materials to good use. T-shirts are often made from a cotton/elastene blend which is great for creating super comfy and supportive underwear.

But it doesn’t stop with t-shirts. We will use all kinds of reclaimed materials to create Pantees. Waste in the fashion industry extends across all points in the supply chain, including rolls of fabrics & offcuts before products are made.

Are Pantees eco-friendly?

By choosing Pantee you will be extending the life of a t-shirt which can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% 🙌 

We have kept our environmental impact front of mind throughout our product development process. As well as using reclaimed fabrics, we avoid single-use plastics in our supply chain, and lovingly wrap Pantees in eco-friendly packaging.

We offset all the carbon emissions produced from factory floor to customer door. As we progress, we will do everything we can to move towards our goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Plus, we love trees. And we plant one for every product sold.

Having said that, we aren’t perfect. But we’d like to be. Please stick with us as we continue to learn, improve and grow our environmental policies.

Where are Pantees made?

One of the greatest challenges to getting Pantee off the ground. We had a lot of no's along the way. But, after nearly a year of searching, we met Erdem, owner of a Buying House in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Erdem understood our vision and wanted to help us bring it to life, so he made space in his sampling room and the rest is history.

We care about people and planet, so our criteria for a manufacturing partner was strict. Erdem's high standards and natural approach to diversity ticked all our boxes.