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Hello, we are Amanda & Katie – sisters, co-founders & best-friends

Transparency is really important to us. We want our customers to know who we are so you can get to know and trust us.

So, this is us – Amanda & Katie, the sisters behind Pantee.

Where did the idea for Pantee come from?

The idea for Pantee was born in 2019 after Amanda spent the day looking around thrift shops in London. The amount of second-hand t-shirts available was staggering, and this led to some deep thought and research into the amount of clothing waste there is in the UK.

Pantee textile waste fact

Fashion has a waste problem, and it's damaging our planet.

Shocked by the scale of the waste, Amanda googled ‘What can you make from a t-shirt?’ and noticed that some people turn their old t-shirts into undies when they are finished with them. We thought this was a fab idea. What a great way to get more from your clothes.

That got us thinking about if there was a way we could implement this on a larger scale as a way to save materials and garments that would otherwise go to waste in the fashion industry. Just like that, the idea for Pantee was born.

We quickly decided our focus would be pre-consumer waste, meaning we would upcycle deadstock t-shirts that had never been sold or worn. Approximately 30% of all clothes made in a year are never sold, meaning there is a huge amount of brand new garments that go to waste. 

The Pantee Way

Deadstock garments and fabrics deserve a second chance. They shouldn’t be discarded just because they didn’t successfully fulfil their desired purpose the first time around. By using deadstock garments that would otherwise go to waste, we are reducing the demand for raw materials and reducing the number of materials that go to landfill. It’s a win-win.

Just like any startup, Pantee has changed and evolved over time as we learn more and more about how our approach could be a solution for fashion waste. But, as it stands, our mission is simple:

We want to be the world's first brand to create underwear from deadstock t-shirts. Why? Because they deserve better than a future in landfill.

Thanks for joining us on our journey, 

Amanda & Katie x

PANTEE Co-Founders

Meet the PANTEE sisters

PANTEE was founded by sisters, Amanda & Katie.

After learning about the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry, we were determined to do something to help. Our core belief is that waste isn't waste until we waste it.

Making PANTEE's out of pre-consumer waste fabrics and t-shirts is a way to use perfectly good materials that would otherwise go to landfill or sometimes even to burning. 

How does PANTEE work?

how PANTEE Works

Step One: Rescuing T-Shirts From Landfill

We are working with manufacturers and recycling plants to find unsold t-shirts that would otherwise go to waste. These are t-shirts that are brand new and have never been worn. Once we have the t-shirts, we assess the materials and colour and look at how they will work as a pair of PANTEE's - flipping the design process on it's head. 

Step Two: Turning T-Shirts into PANTEEs

We give the t-shirts to our trusted manufacturer to give them a new lease of life by turning them into a pair of comfy intimates. 

Step Three: Delivered to You

Once the t-shirts have been turned into a pair of PANTEEs, we eco-package them and send them out to their new home.