We have no words to describe the past few weeks. Like everyone, we feel shaken, anxious, and uncertain. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed so much so quickly and we feel heartbroken for those that have lost their jobs, or worse, a loved one.

With the safety of others being our top priority, we have battled with how we can move forward with PANTEE during such an uncertain time. Two things, in particular, have fuelled us to keep on moving forward.

First is the $3bn worth of orders that fashion labels have canceled in light of the crisis. Many aren’t following through with payment resulting in factory workers not getting paid and over one-million people getting fired or furloughed. 

As fashion labels continue to cancel massive orders, there will be a huge amount of waste produced. Half-finished production runs may never be completed and many new garments will never make it to store. A lot of this waste will end up in landfill or may even go to burning.

When you consider the resources that have gone into the production of these garments, the waste goes so much further than the products that go to landfill. Studies show that it takes approximately 20,000 litres of water to make just one pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

It is insanity to use this quantity of water to produce garments that will end up in landfill, without ever being used, when there are 785 million people in the world without access to clean water close to home.

We want to re-imagine what is seen as waste and give perfectly good materials a second chance by turning pre-consumer t-shirts or fabrics destined for landfill into underwear. PANTEE is not just a brand, but a solution. 

The second factor that has kept us going through this time is the support we have received from everyone that believes in PANTEE, our mission and purpose. We hear you, we see you, we thank you – you are our biggest motivation.

With that being said, it’s full steam ahead at PANTEE HQ. With our top priority being the safety of our workers, we have taken all necessary measures to ensure no one is at risk. Working as a small remote team has meant we have been able to rapidly adapt and continue with our launch plans safely, whilst being isolated from one another. Our seamstress has been busy producing and refining our samples from the comfort of her home studio, our fittings have been carried out over Zoom and all photoshoots for the foreseeable are being shot at home on mobile phones. We are bursting with pride and are so excited to share what we’ve been able to achieve with you.

The world may never be the same after COVID-19. But, we hope to learn from this shared global experience and emerge stronger, ready to disrupt and leave the damaging practices of fast fashion behind.

Now more than ever it is clear to see that there has to be a better way; a brighter future for the fashion industry that avoids the exploitation of both people and the planet. A future where we find resource in what is currently considered waste. A future where we reject throwaway fashion and keep pieces in use for as long as possible.

Making that future a reality - that is our ultimate mission.

Thank you so much for being here and joining our journey. 

Stay safe,

Amanda & Katie x