Prior to launching Pantee neither myself nor Katie had any experience within the fashion industry nor had we developed a product from scratch. But, after a year of research, product sampling and hours of calls with Karen (our amazing Head of Product), we finally had enough pieces of the puzzle to launch.

Sending out our first orders was a huge milestone for us, both exciting and terrifying. What would everyone think of their Pantees?


Improving our products for comfort + support

Feedback from customers on their Pantees is continuously one of the most rewarding parts of running Pantee. We love feedback, good or bad. It's what helps us to grow and further improve our products, when we see patterns in the feedback we receive we work hard to action it. Even just three months since launching our first collection, we began to make tweak in line with the consistencies in the feedback we received. 

Our mission is for Pantee to be the most comfortable underwear you’ve ever worn. So, in January, we put our collection through a technical fit assessment to interrogate the quality and fit of our products and gain insight into how we can further improve. 

These sessions involved fitting Pantees on fit models, women whose bodies are true to a particular size, and analyse how our products fit and move with the body. Through this process, we analysed not just our current sizing range (XS-XL) but samples for our upcoming release of 2XL & 3XL. This increase in our sizing range has been a long time in the works, and will be launching in June.

The technical assessment was incredibly insightful and gave us a full run-down of all we needed ti implement to achieve the desire fit. After a call to run-through the findings, our production partner created a new set of samples inclusive of all suggested amends. This week we have finished our second round of fittings, and its safe to say our production team have nailed it! We also realised, whilst undergoing the technical assessment that we had a gap in our collection for a more supportive bra, but I can’t say any more on that right now… 👀

So, what are we changing?

Although the changes are minor, we truly believe they will take your Pantees to the next level. For example, here's just some of the changes we have implemented:

  • We have added more stretch into the waistband of our high-waisted briefs and all bras to make them even more comfortable
  • To provide more coverage and support, the cups on The Triangle Bra have been adjusted to offer more support and eliminate the chance of spillage. 
  • We have added more depth into the cup on The Bralette to ensure it is more true to size after feedback showing it ran a little smaller than our other bra styles. 
  • We have increase the gusset length across all brief styles, bringing it forward in the brief to offer maximum comfort. 
  • We have removed excess fabric in The High-Leg Thong and High-Waisted Brief to ensure a flatter finish, and achieve a more seamless feel. 
  • As a sneak peek of what you can expect from our new and improved XL, 2XL & 3XL sizes, we're using slightly wider elastics for both the straps and underband to provide more support and avoid any curling. 


          When will the changes come into effect?

          This summer! As mentioned, any changes are only minor so if you’re a repeat Pantee customer, please do not worry – your sizing will not change, but you’ll just find them even more comfortable than you do now!

          Alongside these changes, we will be launching our very own online fitting room, a smart sizing tool that will help you find the perfect size for you. Buying underwear online from a new brand that you haven't shopped with before can raise a lot of questions, especially around sizing - but with our new fancy fit tool we're confident you'll find the best size for you. After all, the greatest comfort comes hand in hand with the best fit. 

          One final note…

          Thank you so much for all your support to date, it really does mean the world. We’re so excited to share with you everything we've been working on over the last nine months, and on top of these changes, we have some new styles dropping soon.

          As always, if you have any questions about which size or style to go for, we’re always happy to help. Just drop us a line at – we can’t wait to hear from you. 

          Stay comfy, 

          Amanda x

          April 11, 2022 — Katie McCourt

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