This Mental Health Awareness Week, we've taken some time out to chat to women within our community, about all things self-love, combatting societal pressures, and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

In this conversation, we chat to our OG Pantee girl Noelle (@blogbynoelle) about all things self-love, stepping out of your comfort zone, and coping with societal pressures.


I’m Noelle, a 30 something Swedish Londoner working as an Executive assistant by day and content creator by night. I’m a big foodie, mental health topic lover, advocate for therapy and mindful shopping.


We love how empowering/uplifting your content is – what motivated you to start sharing content about self worth?

Since teenage years I’ve shared content in some way shape or form so I’m used to enjoy it it a lot. I started sharing more content about self worth/love after going on a huge self discovery journey myself.


Do you feel like societal pressures have had an impact your mental health?

Absolutely, especially with social media. I’ve constantly compared myself with others which I’ve learnt to distance myself from.

What has been your biggest learning on your journey with finding self-love/self-worth?

That I truly deserve love, and you do too.


In your opinion, what can people do in their own lives to breakdown the stigma around mental health?

TALK! Talk to anyone that will listen, be open, take the step to see a therapist. My DM’s are always open to anyone who may want to chat or ask for advice.


When do you feel most in your comfort zone?

When I’m at home in my apartment, with my husband.

When did you last push yourself out of your comfort zone?

I attended an event recently where I didn’t know anyone, and being a bit of an ambivert I tend to struggle with this. But I pushed through and met lovely people from various industries and had a great time. It’s definitely a mental block more than anything that I simply have to work on.