Welcome to the [Dis]comfort Chronicles where we're tackling the things that bring us, and our community, the most [dis]comfort. In this series, we're speaking to real people from our community about what brings them the most comfort & how they've learnt to become more comfortable with themselves.

In this instalment, we're so excited to introduce you to Poppy – one of the faces of our latest limited edition colours, Matcha & Khaki.

Name: Poppy

Occupation: Hairdresser and Nail Artist

Location: London


Tell us a bit about yourself, Poppy?

Hi! My names Poppy I am 24 year old hairdresser and nail artist from London. I’ve been doing hair for five years and nails I’ve most recently got into. I love being creative and fashion so I really love to incorporate all these aspects into my career as well as lifestyle.


When do you feel most in your comfort zone?

I’d say I feel most in my comfort zone when I’m in a nice relaxed environment. Wether that’s watching movies with my boyfriend at home or being around my clients at work. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people otherwise I feel you can really lose that feeling of comfort.


When did you last push yourself out of your comfort zone?

I’d say most recently! Life’s been going 1000 miles per hour for me, I decided to leave my job which I’ve been in for 5 years which I found really scary. I’d moved to London for this job so I’d definitely say it was like my second home and comfort blanket but I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I had to make the scary decision to make the jump and change and I’ve actually never felt so encouraged and supported, it’s like a volcano that was waiting to erupt and now everything’s really starting to change for me in such an exciting way. 

How have you learnt to be more comfortable within yourself?

I’ve learnt that you need to be really transparent with yourself sometimes, not everyone is going to like you or see you how you want them to and that’s okay! Life can be really hard, especially with social media making you think you should look or act a certain way when it’s never the case. I’ve learnt to love myself for who I am and I’m a firm believer in the right people will always surround you when you do that. Do the stuff you love and be with the people you love and I can guarantee it changes your whole mindset about yourself for the better. 


One piece of advice you'd give your younger self?

Be confident in yourself and don’t waste your time on people who don’t reciprocate your love a kindness! Knowing your worth is the most important thing, it’s taken me a lot of bad relationships to realise this but I think thats such an important thing to know and. I would advise my younger self! 


And finally, what is your favourite Pantee style?

I loveee the boxer briefs, they’re so comfy and I can just lounge around the house in them 🤍



A huge thanks to Poppy for sharing her story with us and for being one of the faces of Limited Edition Matcha/Khaki, which you can shop whilst stock lasts – once they're gone they're goneee!

If you're interested in being the face of one of our upcoming colour launches, please do get in touch by emailing us at hello@pantee.co.uk.

September 19, 2022 — Katie McCourt

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