It’s been nearly a year since we launched Pantee – the world’s first underwear brand made from deadstock t-shirts – on Kickstarter. Back then, we were just two sisters with an idea and a purpose. We wanted to do something to combat the vast amounts of waste produced by the fashion industry, and upcycling deadstock t-shirts into comfy and stylish underwear sets was our approach. 

Fast forward to now, we have packed and shipped hundreds of Pantee boxes to our very first customers. Hearing their wonderful feedback has been a dream come true, but one thing really stood out to us – nearly every single person has commented on comfort. Every Pantee set was designed with comfort in mind, but hearing people say that their Pantees are the comfiest underwear they have ever owned is the feedback we, until now, could only have dreamed of. 

Hearing comfort mentioned time and time again really got us thinking. We all crave comfort, so why is it given such a bad rep? 

3Let’s face it, this last year hasn’t been comfortable. We’ve all been told simultaneously to stay home but to hustle. To isolate ourselves, but to grow. To not be lazy, not to wallow, but to push ourselves and fill our time learning new skills or languages.

We’ve been thrust into moments of prolonged social isolation, often kept company by just our own thoughts and the (sometimes damaging) words of others circulating the internet. 

You may remember this gem that made the rounds last year at the height of the first lockdown...

Comfort Zone Tweet
Our response...



Balancing this pressure while navigating the drastic global changes that have been caused by the pandemic has been nothing short of uncomfortable

So, we reckon it’s about time we re-discovered your comfort zones – after all, we’ve all got them!

Re:discovering your comfort zone

So often we are told to step out of our comfort as ‘that is where the magic happens.’ But is that really the best approach? Maybe it’s time to take another look at the way we view comfort. Our comfort zone is our safe space, and when we feel safe, relaxed and supported that, in our opinion, is where the real magic happens.

Everyone’s comfort zone is different, but they do all have one thing in common – they aren’t fixed or static. They can grow and change with time depending on the new challenges that we decide to welcome into them. Fear expert and founder of the Fearless Living Institution, Rhonda Britton, explains it best: “you want to have the largest comfort zone possible – because the larger it is, the more masterful you feel in more areas of your life. When you have a large comfort zone, you can take risks that really shift you.”

It’s not about becoming lazy or complacent, it’s about feeling truly comfortable with who you are and your ability to tackle the challenges you chose to face. Just as Carl Rogers said: 

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, that is when I change”

Join The Comfort Revolution

The planet isn’t the only thing we care about, we’re in it for the people too! We hope each time someone puts their Pantees on in the morning they feel comfortable, supported and happy within their own skin – because we think that comfort is underrated

So, we invite you to join us to re-discover your comfort zone and create a life bursting with openness, acceptance, and empathy (the three best bits of your comfort zone!!), and give yourself the space to grow, progress and change anything you god damn feel like. 

Welcome to the #ComfortRevolution.

September 07, 2021 — Katie McCourt

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