Are you unsure if a wireless bra is for you? If so, you aren’t alone. After a lifetime of wearing underwires, many people have hesitations when it comes to opting for underwire-free, but don’t rule it out! Wireless bras actually have a number of benefits (they are way more comfortable for a start!).

If you’re on the fence, these benefits might just change your mind...


Wireless Bras Are More Comfortable

Let’s start with the most obvious reason why wireless bras are a great option – comfort.

Wired bras often dig into your ribs, causing pain and discomfort. They are more constrictive and we all know the feeling of a rib-jabbing underwire or that sigh of relief that comes with unhooking a bra at the end of a long day. If you’re anything like us, then you’ll be more than happy to leave the days of squirming in discomfort from your bra behind you. 

Since the pandemic, many people have been questioning if the age of the underwire is over. As die-hard wireless fans, we’re asking the same question. As our lifestyles changed during the pandemic, so did our clothing. For many, ditching a bra altogether was a key part of this. 

As our lives start to get busier again finding something that’s comfy but will also give you the support you need for those busy on-the-go days has once again become the priority.

The idea of going back to a rib-jabbing underwire feels like a step too far, so thankfully a supportive wireless bra can save the day and provide the best of both worlds.

 Wireless Bras Superior Comfort

The Bralette & The Boxer Briefs

Non-Wired Bras Offer a Surprising Amount of Support

A common misconception about underwire-free bras is that they lack support, which simply isn’t the case. The purpose of an underwire is to circle and pull each breast from the chest, which lifts and separates them. However, not all of the support comes from the wire. Support can be found in the band that runs along the ribcage, the shoulder straps and the cut of the fabric. As well as this, extra fabric increases the amount of support a bra can provide.

At Pantee, we have designed all of our bras to provide the support you need no matter what your day brings. From the width of the elastic under band to the placement of the straps, every detail has been designed to provide ultimate comfort without compromise. 

But, don’t just take our word for it: 

“I wasn’t entirely sure if my boobs would be happy without underwire and I was completely wrong. I still feel 100% supported, but more importantly, I feel comfortable and dare I say comfortable in my own skin (wowsers!).” - Danielle, Pantee Customer.


Underwire Bras Are Less Restricting

Wearing a bra that is too tight may cause issues with blood flow, skin irritation and acid reflux. This can occur especially when you’re wearing the wrong size. When it comes to wireless bras, their flexibility gives you more room to move without restriction which is great for circulation. Some studies even suggest that wearing a wireless bra can be better for body detoxing and improving blood flow. 

This is especially important during hormonal changes such as periods, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause, when it’s common for breasts to fluctuate in size. During this time, wearing a flexible and comfy bra is beneficial for the movement of breast tissue.  

The same goes for post-surgery, whereby going underwire free will support you by providing comfort without restricting circulation.


Wireless Bras are More Versatile

No matter what your day brings, underwire-free bras will be there to support you. Comfy Friday working from home? Sorted. Busy day dashing around the city? Not a problem. 

Our collection of wireless bras was designed to wear as both underwear or outerwear. During the summer months, we love to see how you style your Pantee bras; we’re here for the oversized blazer fits. 



Gone are the days of rib-jabbing, tight and constrictive bras. At Pantee, we think it’s time to listen to our bodies and make comfort a priority. Whether you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, or are already a wire-free wearer and looking for even more reasons to love them, we hope we’ve helped highlight a few of the many benefits they bring to your day-to-day! 


Written By: Anna Aldridge