If you were to pull out your comfiest pair of briefs from your underwear drawer, the chances are they'll be cotton. But, beyond being extremely comfortable, there are many benefits to wearing cotton underwear – especially when compared to synthetic alternatives. From comfort & breathability, to being soft on sensitive skin, in this blog post we will be diving into the many benefits of wearing cotton underwear.


Cotton Underwear Is Unmatched When It Comes To Comfort

Looking for unmatched levels of comfort? Aren't we all!

On those days when comfort is the only thing that matters, cotton briefs are by far the best choice. The super soft nature of the fabric means that cotton underwear will sit gently against your skin, moving as you move, and making it easy to forget they're there.

At Pantee, all our briefs are made from deadstock cotton (95% cotton for comfort, 5% elastane for stretch & recovery) and were designed for ultimate comfort. Every detail from the cut of the fabric to the stretch of the elastics has been considered to ensure you feel comfy day in, day out.

Cotton Underwear Is Versatile & There Is a Style To Suit Every Need

Just because cotton underwear is extremely comfy doesn't mean it has to be frumpy! For too long, we've had to compromise when it comes to underwear. Comfort for style. Style for sustainability. That's why our collection of briefs are designed to keep you comfortable whilst making you feel your best self – compromise free comfort, at last!

Whether you're looking for a classic thong or bikini brief style for those on-the-go office days, or are opting for a more relaxed boxer brief style to wear under an oversized t-shirt when lounging around the house, our collection has something for you. 


Cotton Underwear Is Breathable

Did you know that a common cause of yeast infections is underwear that is made from synthetic materials? Materials such as nylon, polyester and spandex have zero breathability, so they ultimately trap heat and moisture which can contribute to infections – yikes. 

This is just one of the reasons why it's important to think careful about the fabric of your underwear. After all, it's the most intimate item of clothing you'll wear and sites directly on your skin all day long.

Cotton is a great alternative to these synthetic materials as it's naturally breathable, absorbent and is gentle on your skin. Cotton also helps to regulate body temperature, keeping you cool and fresh all day long; a much healthier option all round. 

Cotton Underwear Is Long Lasting

At Pantee, we're driven to be as sustainable as possible, and to us a huge part of this is creating products that are designed to last. Not only is cotton underwear soft and comforting, it's also long lasting. Cotton is a very strong and durable fibre, meaning you can wear them regularly without noticing a decline in quality. 

Plus, as cotton is such an easy fabric to wash, you can be confident that your briefs will not only last a long time but will remain super-soft after being washed time and time again. 


Written By: Anna Aldridge